Summer is here

June 5, 2019

Get Adjusted

Summer is here and we are ready to take care of your joint and back needs to get you ready for swimming, biking, hiking, and biking.   We are available most days, including occasional saturday for the summer.  Don’t forget to make sure to get adjusted to maximize your enjoyment of the outdoors.

Sleep and Summer

With increased daylight, and increased activities, it’s easy to push yourself and not get enough sleep.  Make sure you stay on a schedule and not push yourself too much.  Remember sleep is important for pain control or joint issues, as well as chronic conditions.  In addition, not getting enough sleep increases you chance of injury due to fatigue, as well as increased weight gain due to decreased leptin in the body which makes you hungry, and increased ghrelin, which affects your ability to feel full.

Get Adjusted

Make sure you take advantage of our $49 per month 2 treatments per month wellness plan.  In addition to sleep and proper summer activities, this will ensure you make the most of you summer with having your body aligned for maximum proprioceptive potential.


Dr. Ramirez

A Spinal health and movement Center

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Looking for a Chiropractor in Nob Hill?

If you are living in or visiting the vibrant Nob Hill Area of Albuquerque and need and adjustment, we would like us to consider us as your go to office.  We have been in practice for 20 years, and have been fortunate to have been in Nob Hill for the past ten years.  WE love Nob Hill, and could not imagine living anywhere where there was not such vibrancy and eclectic energy.


Living and working in Nob Hill we see a large spectrum of patient population.  We have people from all walks of life, ethnicity, and profession; university students, professionals,  bike enthusiast, foodies, and retirees.  This makes for a vibrant practice, and we feel fortunate to be able to serve this unique community.


Because we have such a large variety of patient population, I feel it important to be accessible to everyone, as much as possible.  I personally believe that the quality of treatments we give should be priced at $60 per treatment because of everything we do during the treatment including the adjustment.  In addition, 20 years experience, and advanced practice certification certainly is in keeping with the value of what we offer.  However, I want to remain accessible to everyone and anyone that needs care, especially in the Nob Hill area.  I don’t want to move to the heights and charge more but have a different. less diverse patient population.  So we keep our prices down as much as possible to $40 per visit and even offer a membership wellness plan that brings the price per visit even lower.


We are committed to stay here in Nob Hill Albuquerque, and we plant our flag and make the decision to stay as long as we are able to serve.


Dr. Ramirez


A Spinal Health and Movement Center

Spring Adjustments

March 21, 2019

Spring 2019 is here

We are now almost at the end of March 2019 and spring is around the corner.  For many this means increased activities, allergies, and time clock changes.  This added changes means more stress on the body, in addition to the already overworked and overstressed demands of life.  With these demands, there is an increase of pressure on the joints from increased loading and increased activity demands on the joints.  In addition, the allergy season will increase histamine in the body and sensitize receptors already under increased demands which means people will experience more aches, pains, and fatigue.

Get adjusted

This is a great time to get adjusted and treated to reduce stress demands on the joints and improve your experience of spring without pain!  

We are offering our continued membership of two treatments (adjustment and soft tissue prep) for $49 per month.  It is a popular program and the people who are on it for stress reduction are really liking what we do, and our approach to Chiropractic care.

Call us today and schedule.

Dr. Ramirez


Fall is in the Air!

October 9, 2018

Balloons in Albuquerque signal the start of cold weather and fall!

At A Spinal Health and Movement Center we don’t need to look up to know the cold weather is here, our patients tell us because their knees, backs, and joints hurt more.  In fact, they are fairly good predictors of bad weather approaching.  Why is this so?  Why would the weather have anything to do with increased pain in the joints.

Well it may have to do with a combination of changes in barometric pressure and cold affecting sensitive mechanoreceptors and pressure receptors in  the knees, back and joints.  In fact when there is degenerative joint disease, the brain does a pretty good job of de-sensitizing the incoming brain signals.  This inhibition of degenerative joint disease pain signals is stopped at a place called the thalamus, as well as pain signals blocked in the mid-brain and spinal cord.  The brain has better things for us to do than to constantly be aware of our joints hurting so it does a pretty good job without us even being aware of the constant changing and degenerative affects of our aging bodies.  All the brain ask of us is sleep so it can rest and repair.  Not a bad deal!

When the brain is overwhelmed by pain signals

Changes in barometric pressure, changes in temperature, changes in load and joint pressure, changes in inflammation, changes in metabolic chemistry such as high blood sugar or disease, and changes in environment all stress the joints mechanoreceptors and cause them to increase signaling of sensitive nerves located deep in the knees, back, neck and joints.  What was a homeostatic balance of tissue breakdown and repair that the brain can manage is now an overwhelming cascade of pain (nociceptive) stimulation.  Kind of like having construction done at your home on a Saturday morning, instead of 9-5pm while you are at work.  Suddenly, and quite painfully you are now aware of what is hurting.. It may seem like new pain, but it is not, it is only new awareness.

What to do with this problem.

At A Spinal Health and Movement Center we address the problem by giving the brain some much needed help.  In addition to the rest the brain needs we can help it by 1. relieving some of the joint pressure with spinal and joint adjustments thereby reducing pressure.  2. adjusting in a way the balances the body and helps deliver maximum stimulation to the spinal cord and thalamus thereby closing the door on increased pain signaling.  Kind of like closing the door to the construction noise outside your home.

Chiropractic is uniquely suited to stimulate the joints, reduce mechanoreceptor pain, and help the brain adapt to it’s enviornment!

Pretty awesome stuff if you ask me!

So come in today, sooner than later to get adjusted this fall!

Dr. Ramirez

316 Adams SE

Albuquerque NM 87108


We will be closed Labor Day!



We are closed this weekend and will reopen Tuesday at 10am.  We know many people are hitting the roads driving heading to camps, lakes, or family trips. We will be here to help take care of any joint or musculoskeletal issues that may develop over the holiday.  Have a fun and safe time off.

Dr. Ramirez


A Spinal Health and Movement








Back hurts! Make an appointment today!

Wellness plans $49 per month !!

A Spinal Health and Movement Center

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Wellness Plans that work!

A Spinal Health and Movement Center is happy to announce that our Chiropractic wellness plans are in full swing and the patients that are on the twice a month treatment plan (includes adjustment, modalities, and intersegmental traction) report that it is helping them fell better, reduce stress, reduce pain, and give them the self care to get them through the pressures and demands of life.

This is a new and unique concept and we are glad that people are responding well to our approach.  We started this program with the hope it would be of service to our patients  and have worked out the glitches in the autopay program using mindbody software programs that allows us to offer this incredible service at an affordable cost of $49 per month plus tax.

We have had a wide variety of patients who are tired of paying exorbinant cost on other plans costing in the thousands of dollars and requiring contracts.  It was and is our mission to provide the best care at the most affordable price.  We do not require a contract, but only ask patients try the wellness plan for two months before deciding if it’s something they would like to continue.  So far we have over 50 people consistently on our plan and report they love the benefits.

Comprehensive treatment!

Our wellness plans include modalites; extremity adjusting, traction, and some soft tissue work as part of the treatment.  This is different than other centers that only provide adjustments, or not include extremity adjustments, or modalities. Our visits, we feel are comprehensive and affordable for most people.  In fact, the reports and feedback we are getting is very positive, and our patients report they are making this part of their self-care plan for as long as we continue the program.

We hope we can continue to offer this program for a long time, but we will limit it’s growth to 100 members so at this time we are about 50percent of the way there.

Call today or make an appointment to get in on Albuquerque’s best kept secret.

Dr. Ramirez

A Spinal Health and Movement Center       505-247-2373

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Our “holistic approach”

This week I was reminded by someone who had a treatment at our office that what we do is so very helpful not only for pain and stress, but also for the mind .  She was complimenting our office as being different than many chiropractic offices she had been to.  She commented that our office feels more like a spa, and the treatments are a helpful in relaxing her mind and body thereby reducing the stress of the week.

For sure, we try to create a space where it is not only an affordable option for many to get regular Chiropractic care, but also find a place that gives them a healing environment where they can find rest for their mind and body. So I was happy to hear that we on the right track.

Many Chiropractors are getting away from using modalities such as moist heat, interferential stimulation, mechanical massage tables, and soft tissue massage prior to adjustments.  Many believe the adjustment is enough, they will argue.  While it does allow them see people in and out more quickly, the patient’s that come to see us stay with us because they say they prefer our approach.

Our approach takes more time, and is well thought out for a good reason.  We don’t just go to adjust the back without consideration to the person. We consider the person’s brain needing treatment as well.  This begins the moment you enter our office.  Our waiting time is short, and we have a beautiful professionally equipped office with relaxing surrounding music to welcome you.  We have been told many times this begins to immediately put the person at ease, lowering stress, and creating a sense of security. We then bring the patient back to an area where we place them supine (face up) 1o minutes on a intersegmental massage table to relax the back, but more importantly to have a transition time between the outside environment and the inside.  This is important to have the mind and body to begin to relax by calming the left hemisphere chatter and begin to engage the right hemisphere by reconnecting it with the body’s proprioceptive awareness.

We will move them next to a massage table or adjustment table and place them prone (face down) and apply moist heat, and light interferential stimulation which relaxes the muscles and improves circulation thereby reducing muscular tension and joint pain. We do this for 15 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the persons needs at the moment.  Afterward, soft tissue massage to areas of complaint, followed by an adjustment to lower back, mid back, or neck depending on what is needed at the time of treatment.  Total treatment time may  vary  between 30 minutes to 40 minutes depending on the needs of the person at the time of treatment. Everyone is an individual.

And we are still able to do this at an affordable price!  Our appointment based treatment visits are only $40 per treatment, and even better if you are on a no contract membership wellness plan of two visits per month for only $49 dollars.  This includes relaxation on the intersegmental table, heat, interferential stim to relax muscles, soft tissue prep and adjustment!

On the other hand I suppose if I wanted to I could speed things up a bit and skip the intersegmental table not allow the transition time we believe the mind needs; or I could skip the moist heat and not relax the tissues.  I could also skip the interferential stimulation and forget about reducing the pain signals and/or relaxing the muscles.  And about the soft tissue massage prior to adjustment, well I’m a Chiropractor not a masseuse so forget that as well…Let’s just do the adjustment, in and out.  I could have that approach of only adjusting, and that would be helpful to many patients for sure, because adjustments on their own are therapeutic, but my point is what makes us different is that we treat the mind of the patient as well as the body…And this takes time!  Therefore we are committed to giving you the time that it needs to relax before an adjustment and return to an internal proprioceptive state, thereby treating the you in a truly holistic approach.  Our Approach!


Ruben Ramirez DC

A Spinal Health and Movement Center












Office Hours

September 7, 2016

Fall 2018 Office Hours

A Spinal Health and Movement Center is happy to announce that we will be open for Chiropractic treatment during lunch Monday thru Friday.    We have had request from many patient’s for availability during lunch hours for the fall. (exceptions are holidays and special event days).

Our new office hours will be:

Monday  2-6pm

Tues thru Thursday

10am-1pm and 3pm -6pm

Friday 12-3PM


Office treatment rates are $40 which includes exam, treatment, and adjustment.  We offer internet discounts so look at our website for any specials on the first treatment we may be running.

Thank you and Please call our office and schedule an appointment.

Dr. Ramirez


316 Adams SE

Albuqeurque, NM 87108








Summer Adjustments

June 13, 2016

Fun in the Sun.

July is warming up and people are out swimming, hiking, and running. Unfortunately, some people may injure themselves as these outdoor activities increase and at this time may need to see a chiropractor.   A Spinal Health and Movement Center is here to help you when you need to get adjusted. Our goal is to reduce the likelihood of your summer activities being cut short due to injuries. We would  like you to enjoy the beautiful New Mexico outdoors, and recommend you get adjusted regularly to help prevent you from experiencing  injury such as an ankle strain, shoulder injury, or back pain.

During office visits, we often times find a weakness in a joint that may be susceptible to injury especially with an increase demand of activity on the joint that comes from increased summer activities. This is the reason I recommend regular Chiropractic care  to detect and improve weakness in the body.  Our prevention and wellness plan is a  twice a month treatment plan at $49 plus tax  per month which includes heat packs to muscles, area soft tissue work, traction, e-stim and all necessary adjustments to the body.  These modalities to reduce tension, improve proprioception, and improve balance bilateral motor tone.

Prevention of injury is the key to a long and fun summer.


Have a great summer and remember to get adjusted regularly.


Dr. Ramirez

316 Adams SE


People ask me how long I have been a Chiropractor and  what led me to decide to be a Chiropractor.  I would like to share my story in this blog post and include it in our website under the FAQ section.

I have been in practice in Albuquerque, NM for approximately 19 years since graduating Chiropractic College in 1996. I am now 50 but my story in this field began when I was just 22 years old. After my first degree, I secured a position in a Chiropractic Clinic (Family Chiropractic) in El Paso, Texas. It was there that I worked and excelled in all aspects of the Chiropractic Clinic from the ground up. I was mentored, and eventually encouraged to attend Chiropractic College by the two Chiropractic owners at Family Chiropractic. They helped me believe in myself, and see that I was an intelligent hard worker who had an energy of service. I was encouraged by my employers to seriously consider Chiropractic as a profession. So along with their encouragement, and the belief and help of those around me that loved me, I returned to University and began to take Science classes for the first time. I excelled in Anatomy and loved the Sciences!. I was like a duck in water…I finally found my fit! and it was one of the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Over time, I continuned to work full time at Family Chiropractic while taking courses to prepare for the required prerequisite Science courses needed to enter Chiropractic College. Finally, at 26 years old I moved to Dallas and matriculated full-time at Parker Chiropractic College. Soon after graduation in 1996 with a bachelors degree in Anatomy, and Doctor of Chiropractic Degree, I moved to New Mexico where I have been in private practice ever since. I am truly grateful for the encouragement of people who believed in me when I needed it most. This is the reason I try to see the gifts in others, and encourage young people wherever possible. I am thankful for this profession, and eternally grateful for those who helped me find my personal path.

Ruben Ramirez DC APC

316 Adams SE

Albuquerque NM 87108

Trust Chiropractic care.

At A Spinal Health and Movement Center, people call us with all kinds of questions and inquiries regarding what techniques do we use? what can we do for this, or that pain? what is one to expect? Do we use manual techniques? Are there hidden charges?

Many of these questions are easily answered in our FAQ section of our website and we try to address the immediate concerns, but in my opinion, I believe that when people find our site on the internet, and who are not immediately referred by a family or friend to our practice, the real question they are asking is:

Can I trust you?

It’s a fair question. After all most people who are in pain, are experiencing pain from inflammation and dysfunction in areas of neck, back, or other conditions such as degenerative disc disease, sciatica, muscular spasm, or extremity or joint pain. This joint dysfunction and inflammation often times results in certain receptors firing nociceptive (pain) input through the nerves to higher order neurons and eventually reaching the relay center of the brain called the thalamus.

The effect of this pain not only reaches the thalamus but also the cortex for the awareness and experience of pain. Other things happen as well. For example, the limbic system senses the emotional effects of this nociceptive input, and responds with the person often times feeling emotions of sadness, and feelings of being overwhelmed by primal feelings they often times don’t express.

Another part of the limbic system, a more primitive center, the amygdala, will fire off resulting in a protective kind of fear, with the avoidance centers activating protective measures.  This part of the brain is there to protect you, and to help you avoid further damage to the body, and whether internal or external triggers are the cause, to the deep part of the brain, it does not matter. In fact, to confuse things even further, you may make up stories to make sense of what is happening during this time.

So with seemingly simple “musculoskeletal pain” there is a lot of suffering happening. And there is a lot of complicated nervous system, and emotional system involvement going on which includes pain, fear, and avoidance.

We understand this makes it difficult to trust someone to help during this time, after all, a person is vulnerable due to this period of pain.  Therefore we make it our purpose and mission to approach our methods to help alleviate this suffering in a way that will make it easier for you to trust us. Whether it’s through providing a beautiful spa-like office full of tranquility and music, or using modalities like heat, massage, interferential stimulation to relax the body and mind prior to adjustment. This helps for a better treatment experience, with less resistance of the body, and therefore less pain. We are committed to make it easy for you to come see us and try us out. This is the reason we offer a discount on our first exam and treatment so that the amygdala does not keep you from avoiding us.  We try to make it easy for you to see us and get the care you need.

There is a method to our approach, and it comes from 18 years in practice, and we do this with the purpose in mind that we understand what is happening to you when you hurt, and we want you to trust us in doing what we can to help you.

Thank you for your Trust!

Dr. Ramirez


I’m worried about my neck getting adjusted, I’ve read and heard some really scary things about it, what techniques does your Chiropractor in Albuquerque use, especially for neck adjustments?

A Spinal Health and Movement Center Chiropractors utilize a variety of traditional techniques that are taught in Chiropractic College, as well as techniques taught in Post Graduate Courses in Manual Medicine, and we use a combination of methods that are appropriate for each individual. In addition, we also utilize Myofascial Techniques, coupled together with our adjustments, and have developed our own unique and specific style of technique.

With regards to the upper cervical spine (C1,C2) we acknowledge that is the area of the spine that is most vulnerable for Vertebral Artery Dissection. This area is especially potentially vulnerable to forceful manipulative techniques that utilize excessive over rotation and excessive lateral bending. This vulnerability of the upper cervical area of the spine (C1,C2), combined with overaggressive manipulative techniques, is possibly implicated in a very small and very rare number of cases of Vertebral Artery Dissection, (leading to Stroke), that has been reported in the medical literature. We take your health very seriously, and understand the risk/reward of intervention of pain vs. techniques used to relieve that pain. Furthermore, the risk of Vertebral Artery Dissection, however small and rare, is a concern for us and we are committed to minimize any risk, no matter how small and rare, as much as possible.

Therefore, our approach is to manually adjust the lower cervical segments (C3, C4, C5) in a modified manual technique that reduces excessive rotation and excessive lateral bending of the neck as much as possible, thereby potentially reducing risk of Vertebral Artery Dissection. The upper cervical spine (C1, C2) and occiput is adjusted with a mechanical adjusting instrument and myofascial release techniques of occipital and upper cervical musculature. We find this approach is safer, and equally effective in reducing upper cervical neck pain, and headaches, without the extreme rotation and lateral bending of the neck that is used in some adjusting techniques. We also recommend our patients seek medical attention first for any headaches, dizziness, or upper cervical pain, prior to seeking chiropractic care to rule out medical conditions that may be a source of these symptoms.

Dr. Ramirez

A Spinal Health and Movement Center


Below is the anatomy of the cervical spine and vasculature.

Source:  Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy. (JNPT)


Massage Albuquerque NM

September 3, 2014

IMG_3989IMG_3992IMG_3995 IMG_3994 IMG_3991 IMG_3975IMG_3999IMG_3985


Massage in Albuquerque

Massage Therapy in Albuquerque is available at A Spinal Health and Movement Center. Our beautiful professional office is in the Highland loft building near Nob Hill on Coal and Adams.

Currently we offer Massage, Polarity, Acupuncture , and Chiropractic services in a Spa-like setting.  Our licensed professional therapist will be happy to schedule you in during the week, or on weekends.

Our prices are around $60 per hour but look at our website as we offer promotional deals from time to time. We also offer discounts if you are a chiropractic wellness member of A Spinal Health and Movement Center.

Call today for more information.

Dr. Ramirez




Massage Therapy for Auto Accidents, Albuquerque NM is available at A Spinal Health and Movement Center.  Since 1996, we have helped hundreds of people suffering from injuries following Auto Accidents.  We realize that accidents are serious and traumatic events, and massage therapy, along with the other modalities we offer help to restore the body following a traumatic injury.

We use a team approach for the treatment of injuries utilizing soft tissue massage, neuromuscular massage, and Travell trigger point release along with trigger point injections if needed.  We also realize that accidents are traumatic experiences and offer a body-mind modalities such as Reiki, Polarity, and Acupuncture not just for pain, but for restoration of disruption of energy systems that may have resulted from the trauma.

Chiropractic modalities such as teraquant laser therapy for reduction of inflammation of joints and soft tissues, as well as interferential stimulation for reduction of pain and spasm.   Adjustments are done using activator technique, as well as traditional low force manual adjusting techniques and are modified to tolerance and utilized with a hemispheric approach to adjusting.

In most cases with Auto Accidents, no up front fees or co-pays are required. We are a licensed Chiropractic Physician in New Mexico and no prescription is needed from your primary care to begin treatment for Auto Accidents.  We will accept letter of protection from your attorney or refer you to a list of attorneys that we like to work with, as well as accept Med-pay coverage most insurances.

Dr. Ramirez




This is an article that I read some time ago on the different types of exercises that may improve back pain.  It is an interesting article and I hope to post more in the future but the The bottom line is it doesn’t matter what you do to exercise as long as you move!

How Exercise “Really” Prevents Low Back Pain (Probably)
Posted on May 29, 2012 by Tony Ingram • 15 Comments
It probably won’t surprise you that research generally supports the idea that exercising and being fit can help prevent lower back problems.

But what might surprise you are the reasons why it seems to help.

It’s not what you think!
Yes, exercise prevents back problems.

In 2009, an article was published in The Spine Journal that reviewed research on the prevention of back problems 1. After a comprehensive review, only 20 out of 185 articles fulfilled their criteria as relevant, high-quality research. So what did they find?

The only thing that consistently prevented low back problems was exercise.
– Effect sizes huh? were moderate, which is actually pretty good.
What wasn’t effective? Some very popular ideas:
– Education alone.
– Lumbar (back) supports.
– Shoe orthoses (inserts).
– Reduce lifting loads.
Pretty interesting!

Of course, there are limitations to this research. For instance: what do they mean by education? We’ve seen before that learning how pain works can actually prevent and reduce low back pain in some people. Typically, education for preventing back pain involves “how to avoid hurting your back” videos and classes – but not pain science education. Maybe it’s all about what type of education people receive!

Types might be important? Then what about exercise?

That actually brings to the most important point:

Does it matter what type of exercise people do to prevent back problems?

Apparently not – the research studies on exercise used very different protocols. Some included everything from strengthening + endurance + flexibility + education, while one study simply consisted of “passive extension”. No matter what type of exercise was performed, it generally helped prevent back problems.

The authors of the 2009 review conclude in the final line of their abstract:

“The varied successful exercise approaches suggest possible benefits beyond their intended physiologic goals.”

That’s a powerful statement. The “physiologic goals” of exercise (to improve strength, endurance, flexibility, and even coordination) are probably not the same reasons it has an effect on pain – it’s probably due to other benefits!

Exercise isn’t good for preventing or reducing pain because it “strengthens / conditions your core”, or “improves spinal mobility / flexibility / stability”, or even “improves motor control”.

Core stability experts – don’t get mad at me – check the research: when these highly specialized approaches are formally studied, they are never shown to be any better than “general exercise”. 2, 3, 4, 5

These “physiologic goals” might be important for health, physical function, and athletic performance, but they do not ‘prevent’ or ‘treat’ pain.

Then why does exercise help with pain?

You might be asking yourself: so why does exercise help with pain?

Science to the rescue!

A 2012 article has been published in the journal Pain that reviewed pain perception in athletes 6. They looked at how athletes differ from normally active people when it comes to their pain threshold and pain tolerance. So what did they find?

Athletes tend to have higher pain tolerance than normally active people.
However, their pain threshold didn’t appear to be any better.
So it wasn’t that athletes feel less pain – it’s just that they deal with it better. And this was true for a variety of different types of exercise.

It should be noted that we’re not talking about improved pain tolerance during or immediately after exercise (often attributed to increases in adrenaline, endorphins, or endocannabinoids). We’re talking about pain tolerance in general.

So why do athletes tolerate pain better?

There are a lot of potential reasons – and the authors of the study mention the fact that pain tolerance is strongly influenced by “psycho-social factors”. For example, pain acceptance and coping may be improved through exercise. Exercise may also reduce ‘kinesiophobia’ – a fear of movement, perhaps through graded exposure, and teaching people that it’s okay to move when they have pain.

Of course, it’s probably quite a bit more complicated than that, and there are likely many reasons why exercise is good for pain besides just improved tolerance.

Either way, it seems clear that exercise is good for pain because of its complex effects on biochemistry, neurophysiology, and psychology.

Not because it puts you back together like humpty dumpty.


Exercise of any sort probably has its effect on pain through psychology, neurophysiology and biochemistry – but not strength, flexibility, alignment, or stability.

Those things may still be important. But pain is complex. It’s not ’caused’ by damage, and it must be treated with many factors in mind. See the ‘Pain Education‘ section of this site.

This is important to understand so that we keep asking the right questions, keep doing good research, and ultimately help people with their pain.