Summer Adjustments

June 13, 2016

Fun in the Sun.

July is warming up and people are out swimming, hiking, and running. Unfortunately, some people may injure themselves as these outdoor activities increase and at this time may need to see a chiropractor.   A Spinal Health and Movement Center is here to help you when you need to get adjusted. Our goal is to reduce the likelihood of your summer activities being cut short due to injuries. We would  like you to enjoy the beautiful New Mexico outdoors, and recommend you get adjusted regularly to help prevent you from experiencing  injury such as an ankle strain, shoulder injury, or back pain.

During office visits, we often times find a weakness in a joint that may be susceptible to injury especially with an increase demand of activity on the joint that comes from increased summer activities. This is the reason I recommend regular Chiropractic care  to detect and improve weakness in the body.  Our prevention and wellness plan is a  twice a month treatment plan at $49 plus tax  per month which includes heat packs to muscles, area soft tissue work, traction, e-stim and all necessary adjustments to the body.  These modalities to reduce tension, improve proprioception, and improve balance bilateral motor tone.

Prevention of injury is the key to a long and fun summer.


Have a great summer and remember to get adjusted regularly.


Dr. Ramirez

316 Adams SE