Massage Therapy for Auto Accidents, Albuquerque NM is available at A Spinal Health and Movement Center.  Since 1996, we have helped hundreds of people suffering from injuries following Auto Accidents.  We realize that accidents are serious and traumatic events, and massage therapy, along with the other modalities we offer help to restore the body following a traumatic injury.

We use a team approach for the treatment of injuries utilizing soft tissue massage, neuromuscular massage, and Travell trigger point release along with trigger point injections if needed.  We also realize that accidents are traumatic experiences and offer a body-mind modalities such as Reiki, Polarity, and Acupuncture not just for pain, but for restoration of disruption of energy systems that may have resulted from the trauma.

Chiropractic modalities such as teraquant laser therapy for reduction of inflammation of joints and soft tissues, as well as interferential stimulation for reduction of pain and spasm.   Adjustments are done using activator technique, as well as traditional low force manual adjusting techniques and are modified to tolerance and utilized with a hemispheric approach to adjusting.

In most cases with Auto Accidents, no up front fees or co-pays are required. We are a licensed Chiropractic Physician in New Mexico and no prescription is needed from your primary care to begin treatment for Auto Accidents.  We will accept letter of protection from your attorney or refer you to a list of attorneys that we like to work with, as well as accept Med-pay coverage most insurances.

Dr. Ramirez




Most Affordable Chiropractor in Albuquerque.

We believe we are the Most Affordable Chiropractor in Albuquerque, NM. because we offer a first time office visit discount of $40!  (normal price $80) Why do we include interferential stimulation, heat pack, soft tissue work to the area of complaint prior to adjustment? I feel it prepares the body for the adjustment, and it’s something that we feel is important for lasting and satisfying results.

We have been around since 1996 and have done a lot of injury work over the years and feel this way really gets results, and people feel better.   We believe it so much that I give the best of my treatments to everyone whether they can pay for the full modalities along with the adjustments or not.  Not everyone can get the same care that is required when someone is injured from a car accident, and so I’m willing to give my best to everyone whether they have insurance that will pay for the modalities or not.   So if you are paying out of pocket for your care, I am willing to give you my best and help you with all I have to offer at an affordable chiropractic price to you because I believe everyone deserves my best treatment.

Our Treatment Rates are after the first visit are $40 per visit on an appointment basis but if you sign up for the monthly wellness plan you can get up to 2 treatments for $49 per month while it last.  Come in anytime Monday – Friday you can be sure to get the Adjustment, heat, E-stim, and some soft tissue work. Wellness Plan or Come as you need basis. You decide which program fits your lifestyle.

Now that’s Affordable Chiropractic Care!

Dr. Ramirez

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