Looking for a Chiropractor in Nob Hill?

If you are living in or visiting the vibrant Nob Hill Area of Albuquerque and need an adjustment, we would like you to consider us as your go to office.  We have been in practice for 20 years, and have been fortunate to have been in Nob Hill for the past ten years.  WE love Nob Hill, and could not imagine living anywhere where there was not such vibrancy and an eclectic energy.


Living and working in Nob Hill we see a large spectrum of patient population.  We have people from all walks of life, ethnicity’s, and professions; university students, professionals,  bike enthusiast, foodies, and retirees.  This makes for a vibrant practice, and we feel fortunate to be able to serve this unique community.


Because we have such a large variety of patient population, I feel it important to be accessible to everyone, as much as possible.  I personally believe that the quality of treatments we give should be priced at $84 per treatment because of everything we do during the treatment including the adjustment.  In addition, 20 years experience, and advanced practice certification certainly is in keeping with the value of what we offer.  However, I want to remain accessible to everyone and anyone that needs care, especially in the Nob Hill area.  I don’t want to move to the heights and charge more but have a different. less diverse patient population.  So we keep our prices down as much as possible to $40 per visit and even offer a membership wellness plan that brings the price per visit even lower. (*does not reflect personal injury or auto accident prices*)


We are committed to stay here in Nob Hill Albuquerque, and we plant our flag and make the decision to stay as long as we are able to serve.


Dr. Ramirez


A Spinal Health and Movement Center