Trust Chiropractic care.

At A Spinal Health and Movement Center, people call us with all kinds of questions and inquiries regarding what techniques do we use? what can we do for this, or that pain? what is one to expect? Do we use manual techniques? Are there hidden charges?

Many of these questions are easily answered in our FAQ section of our website and we try to address the immediate concerns, but in my opinion, I believe that when people find our site on the internet, and who are not immediately referred by a family or friend to our practice, the real question they are asking is:

Can I trust you?

It’s a fair question. After all most people who are in pain, are experiencing pain from inflammation and dysfunction in areas of neck, back, or other conditions such as degenerative disc disease, sciatica, muscular spasm, or extremity or joint pain. This joint dysfunction and inflammation often times results in certain receptors firing nociceptive (pain) input through the nerves to higher order neurons and eventually reaching the relay center of the brain called the thalamus.

The effect of this pain not only reaches the thalamus but also the cortex for the awareness and experience of pain. Other things happen as well. For example, the limbic system senses the emotional effects of this nociceptive input, and responds with the person often times feeling emotions of sadness, and feelings of being overwhelmed by primal feelings they often times don’t express.

Another part of the limbic system, a more primitive center, the amygdala, will fire off resulting in a protective kind of fear, with the avoidance centers activating protective measures.  This part of the brain is there to protect you, and to help you avoid further damage to the body, and whether internal or external triggers are the cause, to the deep part of the brain, it does not matter. In fact, to confuse things even further, you may make up stories to make sense of what is happening during this time.

So with seemingly simple “musculoskeletal pain” there is a lot of suffering happening. And there is a lot of complicated nervous system, and emotional system involvement going on which includes pain, fear, and avoidance.

We understand this makes it difficult to trust someone to help during this time, after all, a person is vulnerable due to this period of pain.  Therefore we make it our purpose and mission to approach our methods to help alleviate this suffering in a way that will make it easier for you to trust us. Whether it’s through providing a beautiful spa-like office full of tranquility and music, or using modalities like heat, massage, interferential stimulation to relax the body and mind prior to adjustment. This helps for a better treatment experience, with less resistance of the body, and therefore less pain. We are committed to make it easy for you to come see us and try us out. This is the reason we offer a discount on our first exam and treatment so that the amygdala does not keep you from avoiding us.  We try to make it easy for you to see us and get the care you need.

There is a method to our approach, and it comes from 18 years in practice, and we do this with the purpose in mind that we understand what is happening to you when you hurt, and we want you to trust us in doing what we can to help you.

Thank you for your Trust!

Dr. Ramirez