Our “holistic approach”

This week I was reminded by someone who had a treatment at our office that what we do is so very helpful not only for pain and stress, but also for the mind .  She was complimenting our office as being different than many chiropractic offices she had been to.  She commented that our office feels more like a spa, and the treatments are a helpful in relaxing her mind and body thereby reducing the stress of the week.

For sure, we try to create a space where it is not only an affordable option for many to get regular Chiropractic care, but also find a place that gives them a healing environment where they can find rest for their mind and body. So I was happy to hear that we on the right track.

Many Chiropractors are getting away from using modalities such as moist heat, interferential stimulation, mechanical massage tables, and soft tissue massage prior to adjustments.  Many believe the adjustment is enough, they will argue.  While it does allow them see people in and out more quickly, the patient’s that come to see us stay with us because they say they prefer our approach.

Our approach takes more time, and is well thought out for a good reason.  We don’t just go to adjust the back without consideration to the person. We consider the person’s brain needing treatment as well.  This begins the moment you enter our office.  Our waiting time is short, and we have a beautiful professionally equipped office with relaxing surrounding music to welcome you.  We have been told many times this begins to immediately put the person at ease, lowering stress, and creating a sense of security. We then bring the patient back to an area where we place them supine (face up) 1o minutes on a intersegmental massage table to relax the back, but more importantly to have a transition time between the outside environment and the inside.  This is important to have the mind and body to begin to relax by calming the left hemisphere chatter and begin to engage the right hemisphere by reconnecting it with the body’s proprioceptive awareness.

We will move them next to a massage table or adjustment table and place them prone (face down) and apply moist heat, and light interferential stimulation which relaxes the muscles and improves circulation thereby reducing muscular tension and joint pain. We do this for 15 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the persons needs at the moment.  Afterward, soft tissue massage to areas of complaint, followed by an adjustment to lower back, mid back, or neck depending on what is needed at the time of treatment.  Total treatment time may  vary  between 30 minutes to 40 minutes depending on the needs of the person at the time of treatment. Everyone is an individual.

And we are still able to do this at an affordable price!  Our appointment based treatment visits start at $40 per treatment, and even better if you are on a no contract membership wellness plan of two visits per month for only $49 dollars. *does not include personal injury prices* This includes relaxation on the intersegmental table, heat, interferential stim to relax muscles, soft tissue prep and adjustment!

On the other hand I suppose if I wanted to I could speed things up a bit and skip the intersegmental table not allow the transition time we believe the mind needs; or I could skip the moist heat and not relax the tissues.  I could also skip the interferential stimulation and forget about reducing the pain signals and/or relaxing the muscles.  And about the soft tissue massage prior to adjustment, well I’m a Chiropractor not a masseuse so forget that as well…Let’s just do the adjustment, in and out.  I could have that approach of only adjusting, and that would be helpful to many patients for sure, because adjustments on their own are therapeutic, but my point is what makes us different is that we treat the mind of the patient as well as the body…And this takes time!  Therefore we are committed to giving you the time that it needs to relax before an adjustment and return to an internal proprioceptive state, thereby treating the you in a truly holistic approach.  Our Approach!


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Office Hours

September 7, 2016

Fall 2018 Office Hours

A Spinal Health and Movement Center is happy to announce that we will be open for Chiropractic treatment during lunch Monday thru Friday.    We have had request from many patient’s for availability during lunch hours for the fall. (exceptions are holidays and special event days).

Our new office hours will be:

Monday  2-6pm

Tues thru Thursday

10am-1pm and 3pm -6pm

Friday 12-3PM


Office treatment rates start at $40 which includes exam, treatment, and adjustment.  We offer internet discounts so look at our website for any specials on the first treatment we may be running. *does not include personal injury prices

Thank you and Please call our office and schedule an appointment.

Dr. Ramirez



316 Adams SE

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