I’m worried about my neck getting adjusted, I’ve read and heard some really scary things about it, what techniques does your Chiropractor in Albuquerque use, especially for neck adjustments?

A Spinal Health and Movement Center Chiropractors utilize a variety of traditional techniques that are taught in Chiropractic College, as well as techniques taught in Post Graduate Courses in Manual Medicine, and we use a combination of methods that are appropriate for each individual. In addition, we also utilize Myofascial Techniques, coupled together with our adjustments, and have developed our own unique and specific style of technique.

With regards to the upper cervical spine (C1,C2) we acknowledge that is the area of the spine that is most vulnerable for Vertebral Artery Dissection. This area is especially potentially vulnerable to forceful manipulative techniques that utilize excessive over rotation and excessive lateral bending. This vulnerability of the upper cervical area of the spine (C1,C2), combined with overaggressive manipulative techniques, is possibly implicated in a very small and very rare number of cases of Vertebral Artery Dissection, (leading to Stroke), that has been reported in the medical literature. We take your health very seriously, and understand the risk/reward of intervention of pain vs. techniques used to relieve that pain. Furthermore, the risk of Vertebral Artery Dissection, however small and rare, is a concern for us and we are committed to minimize any risk, no matter how small and rare, as much as possible.

Therefore, our approach is to manually adjust the lower cervical segments (C3, C4, C5) in a modified manual technique that reduces excessive rotation and excessive lateral bending of the neck as much as possible, thereby potentially reducing risk of Vertebral Artery Dissection. The upper cervical spine (C1, C2) and occiput is adjusted with a mechanical adjusting instrument and myofascial release techniques of occipital and upper cervical musculature. We find this approach is safer, and equally effective in reducing upper cervical neck pain, and headaches, without the extreme rotation and lateral bending of the neck that is used in some adjusting techniques. We also recommend our patients seek medical attention first for any headaches, dizziness, or upper cervical pain, prior to seeking chiropractic care to rule out medical conditions that may be a source of these symptoms.

Dr. Ramirez

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Below is the anatomy of the cervical spine and vasculature.

Source:  Journal of Neurologic Physical Therapy. (JNPT)


Most Affordable Chiropractor in Albuquerque.

We believe we are the Most Affordable Chiropractor in Albuquerque, NM. because we offer a first time office visit discount of $40!  (normal price $80) Why do we include interferential stimulation, heat pack, soft tissue work to the area of complaint prior to adjustment? I feel it prepares the body for the adjustment, and it’s something that we feel is important for lasting and satisfying results.

We have been around since 1996 and have done a lot of injury work over the years and feel this way really gets results, and people feel better.   We believe it so much that I give the best of my treatments to everyone whether they can pay for the full modalities along with the adjustments or not.  Not everyone can get the same care that is required when someone is injured from a car accident, and so I’m willing to give my best to everyone whether they have insurance that will pay for the modalities or not.   So if you are paying out of pocket for your care, I am willing to give you my best and help you with all I have to offer at an affordable chiropractic price to you because I believe everyone deserves my best treatment.

Our Treatment Rates are after the first visit are $40 per visit on an appointment basis but if you sign up for the monthly wellness plan you can get up to 2 treatments for $49 per month while it last.  Come in anytime Monday – Friday you can be sure to get the Adjustment, heat, E-stim, and some soft tissue work. Wellness Plan or Come as you need basis. You decide which program fits your lifestyle.

Now that’s Affordable Chiropractic Care!

Dr. Ramirez


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Run for the Zoo.

This past weekend in Albuquerque we had the annual Run for the Zoo event that is a 5K run.  My son who is ten participated along with his Aunt who came down from Denver to initiate him into the world of running.

I myself am not a runner and prefer run on a treadmill as the pavement on a street is a little to hard on my back and knees because I’m a little top heavy and bulky, ironically when I dance flamenco (which demands lot’s of pounding on the floor) I don’t have the same knee or back pain. Every body type has its strengths in movement, so it’s important to find one that fits your body type.

I recommend swimming, and non impact aerobics for people with degenerative joint disease or injury.  We are fortunate to have GyrotonicAlbq. here at A Spinal Health and Movement Center as it is a non impact modality and excellent for injury rehab.  But the point is that whether it is dance, running, or bicycling, what works best will be different for everyone.

Knee Pain.

My sister in law Francie and I were discussing knee pain in runners as she is a ironman athlete and has done more runs than anyone I know.  So she said she was having knee pain and the exercise that helped the most were leg extensions with low weight and high repetition.  Makes sense to me, after if you are running you will not build up the vastus medialis musculature of the thigh as strong as the lateral musculature of the thigh and the patella will begin to track abnormally laterally to the outside causing abnormal tracking and irritation, and inflammation on the underside of the patella.

Of course getting regular adjustments to the hip and pelvis will help proper alignment so that you don’t have functional difficulties later.  I like to adjust the foot as it is very overlooked by chiropractors.  There are 26 bones in the foot and they to will have misalignments especially if there is plantar weakness, excessive load and strain, or weight increases.  It’s important not to overlook your feet and knees as well when you get adjustments from your chiropractor.

Pain treatment vs. Wellness Treatment.

Most people come in usually driven by pain from degenerative joint disease, meniscal tear or ligament strains in the lower extremities which are very difficult to treat with chiropractic alone and usually require co-treatment with orthopedic and physical therapy and can be very expensive.

I try look for the joints that are starting to fail but have not alerted one to pain, as the pain threshold for joint dysfunction has not be reached.  Regardless, I prefer to check people for joint instability and balance dysfunction as part of a routine adjustment whenever I can, and hopefully before things start to fail and predispose one to injury.  This is prevention and wellness care, and in the long run, more cost effective.

This is my small yet practical and very valuable recommendation for runners or athletes with knee pain: get your hips, knees and especially foot adjusted on a regular basis along with your spine.  Find a chiropractor that will adjust extremities.  Your joints will thank you.

Dr. Ramirez