We will be closed Labor Day!



We are closed this weekend and will reopen Tuesday at 10am.

We know many people are hitting the roads driving heading to camps, lakes, or family trips. We will be here to help take care of any joint or musculoskeletal issues that may develop over the holiday.  Have a fun and safe time off.

Dr. Ramirez


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Office visits start at $40 per treatment and Wellness plans $49 per month !!

*does not reflect personal injury prices*

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Wellness Plans that work!

A Spinal Health and Movement Center is happy to announce that our Chiropractic wellness plans are in full swing and the patients that are on the twice a month treatment plan (includes adjustment, modalities, and intersegmental traction) report that it is helping them fell better, reduce stress, reduce pain, and give them the self care to get them through the pressures and demands of life.

This is a new and unique concept and we are glad that people are responding well to our approach.  We started this program with the hope it would be of service to our patients  and have worked out the glitches in the autopay program using mindbody software programs that allows us to offer this incredible service at an affordable cost of 40 per visit or $49 per month wellness plan. *prices do not reflect personal injury rates*

We have had a wide variety of patients who are tired of paying exorbinant cost on other plans costing in the thousands of dollars and requiring contracts.  It was and is our mission to provide the best care at the most affordable price.  We do not require a contract, but only ask patients try the wellness plan for two months before deciding if it’s something they would like to continue.  So far we have over 50 people consistently on our plan and report they love the benefits.

Comprehensive treatment!

Our wellness plans include modalites; extremity adjusting, traction, and some soft tissue work as part of the treatment.  This is different than other centers that only provide adjustments, or not include extremity adjustments, or modalities. Our visits, we feel are comprehensive and affordable for most people.  In fact, the reports and feedback we are getting is very positive, and our patients report they are making this part of their self-care plan for as long as we continue the program.

We hope we can continue to offer this program for a long time, but we will limit it’s growth to 100 members so at this time we are about 50percent of the way there.

Call today or make an appointment to get in on Albuquerque’s best kept secret.

Dr. Ramirez

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