Fall is in the Air!

October 9, 2018

Balloons in Albuquerque signal the start of cold weather and fall!

At A Spinal Health and Movement Center we don’t need to look up to know the cold weather is here, our patients tell us because their knees, backs, and joints hurt more.  In fact, they are fairly good predictors of bad weather approaching.  Why is this so?  Why would the weather have anything to do with increased pain in the joints.

Well it may have to do with a combination of changes in barometric pressure and cold affecting sensitive mechanoreceptors and pressure receptors in  the knees, back and joints.  In fact when there is degenerative joint disease, the brain does a pretty good job of de-sensitizing the incoming brain signals.  This inhibition of degenerative joint disease pain signals is stopped at a place called the thalamus, as well as pain signals blocked in the mid-brain and spinal cord.  The brain has better things for us to do than to constantly be aware of our joints hurting so it does a pretty good job without us even being aware of the constant changing and degenerative affects of our aging bodies.  All the brain ask of us is sleep so it can rest and repair.  Not a bad deal!

When the brain is overwhelmed by pain signals

Changes in barometric pressure, changes in temperature, changes in load and joint pressure, changes in inflammation, changes in metabolic chemistry such as high blood sugar or disease, and changes in environment all stress the joints mechanoreceptors and cause them to increase signaling of sensitive nerves located deep in the knees, back, neck and joints.  What was a homeostatic balance of tissue breakdown and repair that the brain can manage is now an overwhelming cascade of pain (nociceptive) stimulation.  Kind of like having construction done at your home on a Saturday morning, instead of 9-5pm while you are at work.  Suddenly, and quite painfully you are now aware of what is hurting.. It may seem like new pain, but it is not, it is only new awareness.

What to do with this problem.

At A Spinal Health and Movement Center we address the problem by giving the brain some much needed help.  In addition to the rest the brain needs we can help it by

1. relieving some of the joint pressure with spinal and joint adjustments thereby reducing pressure.

2. adjusting in a way the balances the body and helps deliver maximum stimulation to the spinal cord and thalamus thereby closing the door on increased pain signaling.  Kind of like closing the door to the construction noise outside your home.

Chiropractic is uniquely suited to stimulate the joints, reduce mechanoreceptor pain, and help the brain adapt to it’s enviornment!

Pretty awesome stuff if you ask me!

So come in today, sooner than later to get adjusted this fall!

Dr. Ramirez

316 Adams SE

Albuquerque NM 87108



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