Summer is here

June 5, 2019

Get Adjusted

Summer is here and we are ready to take care of your joint and back needs to get you ready for swimming, biking, hiking, and biking.   We are available most days, including occasional saturday for the summer.  Don’t forget to make sure to get adjusted to maximize your enjoyment of the outdoors.

Sleep and Summer

With increased daylight, and increased activities, it’s easy to push yourself and not get enough sleep.  Make sure you stay on a schedule and not push yourself too much.  Remember sleep is important for pain control or joint issues, as well as chronic conditions.  In addition, not getting enough sleep increases you chance of injury due to fatigue, as well as increased weight gain due to decreased leptin in the body which makes you hungry, and increased ghrelin, which affects your ability to feel full.

Get Adjusted

Make sure you take advantage of our $49 per month 2 treatments per month wellness plan. (* does not reflect personal injury prices*)  In addition to sleep and proper summer activities, this will ensure you make the most of you summer with having your body aligned for maximum proprioceptive potential.


Dr. Ramirez

A Spinal health and movement Center

316 Adams SE

Albuquerque NM 87108




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