Chiropractic Care & Students

October 16, 2019

Calling all college students!

With the fall semester back in full swing, it can be very easy to neglect one’s spinal health. The long and constant hours students sit to study can lead to a curved spine and discomfort. Experiencing severe back pain can certainly put a hinder on getting the proper amount of sleep that is needed to keep the mind sharp.

Here at Ramirez Chiropractic, we have an excellent remedy for students experiencing back pain: Chiropractic adjustments. With our affordable monthly chiropractic membership of $49 (+ tax) For two adjustments a month, it is easier to get a handle on the care your body needs.

Happy fall Semester! Go Lobos!


* Prices do not reflect personal injury or accident fees

Ramirez Chiropractic: A Spinal Health & Movement Center 

316 Adams St. SE, 87108

(505) 247- 2373

Dr. Ramirez

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