Find a Chiropractor near me!

February 25, 2015

Siri…Find a Chiropractor near me.

If you are like many people these days, you are using your iPhone for location of business and products.  Technology has really come a long way and now google and Siri have changed the way we look up services.  But what should you really be asking when searching for a Chiropractor near you? What are the questions to ask?  And should you go to someone down the block without trying several places out first?

It used to be people would ask a friend or family member who they liked and what results they are getting.  But individual needs and differences vary, and so the Chiropractor you see will need to vary as well.  But the truth is that people are really asking the question “who can I trust!”

$40 First Visit!

There are all kinds of apples in the healthcare barrel, and we Chiropractors have our share of good and bad, just like all professions.  And to be sure,  I’ve met some really talented and committed Chiropractic professionals out there, some of which are affordable, others which are prohibitively priced, and not easy to seek regular care for many people, especially those without insurance. Therefore, we strive for the highest quality and professionalism and are committed to provide this care at an easy, affordable price.

We are so committed to do our part to meet peoples needs, and earn your Trust, we offer a $40 first visit so you can try us out for yourself and let us earn your trust.

We believe that we offer so much during our treatments and we want to make it easy for you to try us out with a very low commitment on your first visit.  Our regular office visits are only $40 per treatment, and even less if you are on a membership plan. (only about $25 per treatment for wellness care). *does not reflect personal injury prices

At A Spinal Health and Movement Center, we are committed to offering high quality chiropractic care… so during your treatment, in addition to a highly skilled adjustment, you will receive a heat treatment, interferential stimulation, and local soft tissue massage to relax areas of stress and pain.  Our approach is to relax the mind and body, so we have a spa like office with relaxing music that helps calm your nervous system and allow you to relax during the treatments.

We never have high pressure sales, high cost, or expensive difficult to get out of contracts, and we will never use fear to make you come in for treatments.  We respect you and value your health too much to use those approaches.  We make it easy, affordable, and accessible for you to receive your Chiropractic care.

Dr. Ramirez

A Spinal Health and Movement Center.

316 Adams SE

Albuquerque, NM 87108


I had someone email me recently at A Spinal Health and Movement Center about sciatica that was waking him up at night and he was interested in our services we offer as he felt it may take several visits and different massage and chiropractic treatments to help him.  I want to post the response to my e-mail as I feel it may help others who have a similar situation and questions.  He was having lower back pain with sciatic leg pain for 1 1/2 months and is getting worse and is uncomfortable sleeping with pain waking him up at night.  He also stated he has tension and pain in the shoulders as well.  Heat and stretching makes the pain worse. He seeks treatment and saw our rates on our website and would also like to know the rates for Massage.   I’ll keep his name private but this was my response.

Dear _______.

Sorry to hear that you are in pain. I don’t want to diagnose from an email without looking at you firsthand but it does sound like sciatica from entrapment of the piriformis muscle. I’m not sure if you have some disc issues or if you have seen your MD for the pain? It’s not a bad idea to get an x-ray to view the Lower back and make sure there is not something going on that is referring into the sciatic nerve.

I think we can offer some support here for you in the meantime. Yes, our rates are pretty affordable at $40 per visit which includes the e-stim and traction. Remind me to avoid using heat if you decide to come in. If multiple visits are needed you can pay as you go then get on the 2x per month wellness rate at $49 per month or only $25 plus tax per treatment once you begin to feel better.

Hope that helps and please call us to make an appointment when you are ready.

Dr. Ramirez