Chiropractic and Movement

April 15, 2014

Pasion and hobbies are enrich our lives, and while I have a strong commitment to chiropractic, I must admit that I am passionate about dance and movement.  I really is an extension of the work we do as chiropractors.  The body must move after all and as chiropractors we help facilitate optimal movement.  Recently I posted a narrative on my facebook page of A Spinal Health and Movement Center to a friend of mine who is a professional flamenco dancer.  It is as follows:

Positive effects on flamenco dance patterns are important in learning and memory as it stimulates receptors which afferent neuronal activity in the cerebellum, an important part of the brain that is key in learning and motor activity. Flamenco dance also stimulates receptors which afferent the hippocampus, which is responsible for short-term memory which will relay to long -term storage areas of the cortex. It may also have an stimulating effect and an increase of neurons in the amygdala which is the area of anger and aggression, where a decrease in neurons are usually present in brains of post traumatic individuals and the area of the brain (along with the hippocampus) most affected by trauma and neglect.

The timing and rhythm of flamenco footwork and learning of “Palmas” timing helps to regulate the timing and rhythm of hemispheric integration of left and right hemispheres by incorporating the left hemispheres math numeric qualities and the right hemispheres body awareness and art/tone and substance quality. The integration of both hemispheres via the corpus callosum can be a powerful modality in brain stimulation and afferentation of the brain.

The “Cante” of flamenco is a stimulation modality that is lost in much of today’s sensory experience and will effect both the practitioner and observer in the stimulation of mirror neurons which effect changes in limbic emotional centers and frontal lobe areas to change the affect of both the listener and singer.

A powerful approach would be in early childhood development to have classes of “Cante” where women could sing to their children during pregnancy as the effects of the sound of the mothers voice would impact the child’s neurodevelopment by effecting the mother’s glucocorticoid levels (lowering them) and impacting a positive health effect in the mother while simultaneously improving the neuronal development of the child globally which will have a powerful neurologic impact for the life of the child.

Additionally, a positive social environment and the impact of community may lower stress hormones (gluccocorticoid) levels of an individual thereby improving the immune system and health.

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